What You Should Be Doing Now To Grow Your Biz in 2014

By Stefanie Neyland, Small Business Content Developer at BizLaunch.com


Christmas is fast approaching. Business is beginning to wind down. Right nowas far as work is concerned, anywaythe year ends the day we step out of the office and head home for the holidays. Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

At this exciting time of year it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hype and forget that life goes on after the holidays, and that come January 1st we have a whole new year of business for which to plan for.

So just for today, let’s try and put thoughts of delicious turkey, festive gift shopping and creamy eggnog out of our minds (or at least for the duration of this post)—and instead, focus on what we need to be doing to grow our business next year and start  2014 off with a bang.

Ready? Let’s go...


1. Set The Goalposts

If you made resolutions this past January, it’s time to revisit. Did you accomplish all of them? Were you completely off the mark with a few? Consider which ones you want to aim for again in 2014 and decide which ones you can scrub off your list. Next, outline what new goals you hope to achieve throughout the year—do you want to redesign your website? Grow your database? Perhaps you want to increase your revenue by 25 per cent? Whatever it is, put it on paper—you’d be surprised by how much being aware of your goals will ultimately help you achieve them.


2. New Kids On The Block

There are many ways you can grow your business. You can increase your sales, your profits or grow your customer base, but often we forget the most literal way you can grow your business: by hiring more staff members. Examine each of your existing employees and evaluate their workload. Are they overworked and drowning in paperwork? If so, it may be time to bring in some new blood. Sketch out what tasks need to be done to determine what roles you need to fill, and then weigh up whether it’s best to go with a full-time staffer, part-timer or freelancer.


3. Re-Assess Your Products & Services

Analyze what products and services you’re currently offering. Is there anything that hasn’t sold as well as you’d hoped? Consider putting them on the chopping block and put a focus on your more successful products or services instead. Are there any new products or services you’d like to offer in 2014? If so, use the remainder of 2013 to plan.


4. It’s All In The Marketing

Any small business owner will be aware of how rapidly the marketing world changes and evolves; and with that in mind, it’s vital to revisit and update your marketing strategy several times a year. What needs revamping in yours? If you’re still using more traditional channels such as direct mail, you might want to explore and incorporate online marketing into your plan in the new year.


5. There’s No ‘I’ in ‘Team’

You don’t have to grow your business alone. Involve your staff and see what insights and ideas they have to offer on how to grow the business. Sometimes some advice from those who can see the wood for the trees can make all the difference.

By Andrew Patricio

December 11, 2013