Clear the Clutter: the secret to a neat, organized home

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Clear the Clutter: the secret to a neat, organized home

Everyone has a pantry that could be organized more efficiently, or a spice drawer that could use a little attention, but whipping your home into shape actually has more benefits than simply visual appeal. Experts say that an organized space may, in fact, reduce stress and create a more enjoyable living environment.

“Clearing the clutter not only allows for a more attractive space in the home or office, but creates a more manageable lifestyle,” says Hellen Buttigieg, Certified Professional Organizer, Life Coach and author of Organizing Outside the Box.   “My clients are shocked to find how dramatically an organized space can reduce stress and free up time to engage in more meaningful activities.”

To avoid the energy-drain and dysfunction of clutter, there’s an easy solution: start labeling! Try a compact, easy-to-use label maker such as the Brother P-Touch PT-D200 model.

According to a new Léger Marketing national survey, commissioned by Brother Canada, 75 per cent of moms agree that implementing a labelling system in the home or office would make life easier and save time in the long run.

Start in the kitchen

  • Label spices. Avoid licking your finger every time you need to choose between sugar or salt.

  • In the pantry, label specific types of flour, baking products, pasta, and cereals so the family knows what they are pulling out and make meal prep easy.

  • Store and organize instruction manuals and warranty cards in a file folder, label and sort according to each room in the home.

  • Keep track of permission slips, registration forms, and schedules in a file folder. Label a tab for each family member and organize by sporting activities, school events, medical information, and other important paperwork that needs to be accessible in a snap.

Home Office

  • Keep tax information organized for easy reference. Label files in the cabinet for receipts according to month; subcategorize by type of expense: medical, transportation, business expenses, etc.

  • Neatly store unused power cords in a basket and label to identify which device each cord belongs to.

Laundry Room / Front Entrance

  • Personalize hooks in the laundry room so kids know where to drop their backpack, raincoat, and scarf when they arrive home from school.

  • Label baskets for scarves, hats and gloves to make winter dressing a breeze.

Once you start labeling you’ll see how fun and easy it is to keep your home neat, organized and more functional.

By Adam

September 24, 2013