An Exclusive Look at Staples’ 2013 Back to School Centre

By Stefanie Neyland


Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or a student, the Staples’ 2013 Back to School Centre has something for everyone


It’s one of the most exciting times of the year: the leaves start to brown, the temperature begins to drop, and all those seasonal staples (think scarves, jackets and boots) begin to reappear after a long period of hibernation. We’re talking about fall, of course, and for kids, parents and teachers that means one thing: Back to school.

Not only do students and educators get to catch up with friends and classmates, but they also get to go on the long-awaited back to school shop to fully kit themselves out for the academic year ahead. And as always, Staples is a one stop shop for back-to-schoolers with a selection of all the latest products and resources for both teachers and pupils.

Staples’ back-to-school experts know exactly what tools and equipment kids need to help them succeed in school, and this year, they’ve created a handy Back To School Centre, making it easier than ever for everyone to get back into the schooltime spirit. Today, we take a look at what this great resource has to offer for students, parents and teachers.


For Students

Come September, there’s only one thing on every kid’s mind: Shopping. But not every parent has the time to go out and do the annual school spree before term time kicks off. That’s why Staples has compiled this treasure trove of all the products that every kids needs just in time for the big day.

Shop by category—The shop by category feature allows kids (and parents) to easily locate everything they could possibly need—from backpacks and lunchboxes, to binders and stationery.  With the click of a button, you’ll be directed straight to what you’re looking for—all from the comfort of your own home!

Shop by grade—If you’re not sure exactly what you’re going to need for the first day back, Staples has you covered. Using the new shop by grade feature, you can find exactly what you’ll need for the upcoming academic year.

Lookbook—From Batman USB drives to funky zebra print backpacks, Staples has all of the coolest Back to School items in one place, ready for you to compile your ultimate 2013 wish list.


For Parents

The Staples Back to School Centre isn’t just a comprehensive resource for students—it’s also useful for parents, too.

Weekly Flyers—If you’re always on the hunt for a bargain or two, the Staples weekly flyers are a great place to start looking. Featuring both online and instore offers, you’ll be able to buy everything you need at the lowest prices.

Staples TV—For everything they could possibly want or need come September, tune into the Staples TV channel to get the lowdown on all the latest products your kids are going to want to add to their backpack this semester.


For Teachers

From lesson plans to handy classroom product information, Staples also has a wealth of handy resources for teachers.

Lesson plans—When it comes to creating a lesson plan, Staples may not be the first place that springs to mind; but did you know that the Back to School Centre offers a range of educational lesson plans designed especially for a range of age groups? Check it out before term-time begins for detailed lesson plans complete with instructions, required materials, and schedules for your class.

Product information—Teachers can also find informative product guides which outline instructions and best uses for a selection of all their favourite Staples products—something which may come in handy around the classroom.


For Everyone

Whether you’re a student, parent or teacher, these cool resources are bound to come in useful.

Events—If you want a lowdown on all the season’s most exciting happenings in your area conjured up and planned by Staples’ very own Back to School experts, then just check out the events section of the Centre to see what the pros have planned in your region.

Staples in the community—For a roundup of the latest contests, awareness days and fundraisers being cooked up over at Staples HQ, students, teachers and parents can take a look at the Staples in the Community section.


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By Andrew Patricio

August 01, 2013