Too Cool For School: 10 Awesome Products For The New Semester

By Stefanie Neyland


The new academic year is just around the corner, and with it comes the most highly anticipated shopping spree of the year: the back to school splurge.


As any kid will know, half of acing the first day back is about being kitted-out with all the right goods, so here we share ten of our favourite back to school must-haves for the new semester.



1. Sharpie Neon Marker Pens


Inject a healthy dose of colour into your pencil case for the start of a brand new year with the help of these ultra-bright neon Sharpie markers—they’ll be sure to brighten up that dull math lesson you’ve been dreading all day!



2. Swiss Gear Backpacks



The humble backpack endures a fair amount of wear-and-tear throughout the academic year, and so come September, a newer model is a must. This Swiss Gear bag should have more than enough space to house all those school day essentials—from textbooks to pens, and of course the best part of any school day: lunch!


3. Staples Math Set



Math may not be everyone’s favourite subject, but when you throw some nifty tools into the equation, it’s amazing how much more fun even the most dull subjects can suddenly seem. Take this ten-piece math set comprising of a handy compass, protractor and set square—who knew geometry could be so much fun?


4. Locker Accessory Kit


Tired of starting off your day by staring into a boring locker crammed with biology textbooks? Well you’re in luck, as everything you could possibly need to give your locker that much-needed facelift is right here in this handy accessory pack. With a calendar, mirror, cork board and thumb tacks—you’ll never have to stare into an dreary locker again.



5. Canadian Dictionary


Brush up on your vocabulary with the help of this age-old school day essential—the English dictionary. It’s not exactly the most exciting read on the planet, but you’ll soon find that you’re a sesquipedalian (translate: someone who uses big words) in no time at all.


6. Samsung Galaxy Tablet



While it may be one of the more extravagant back to school purchases on this list, it’s totally worth it. Whether you’re researching homework topics or checking out tomorrow’s school day schedule, the Samsung Galaxy tablet allows kids to learn, play and stay connected with friends—whether they’re at home or in the classroom.


7. Samsung Galaxy Case


If you’re lucky enough to have your very own tablet, it’s important to ensure it stays safe while still looking the part. This official Samsung Galaxy note case is sure to attract more than a few compliments with its striking blue colour, and the great news is that it’s perfect for both boys and girls.


8. Notebooks

No matter what your favourite colour is, there’ll be a notebook in this handy pack that’s the perfect shade to liven up your day—and you’ll even have plenty of spares to lend to a friend in need.



9. Ringbinders

We’re all guilty of stuffing loose papers at the bottom of bags and forgetting about them, so why not use the new academic year to start afresh with an orderly filing system? These jazzy ring binder folders look great and will bring some style to the tedious task of after school admin.



10. Jumbo Craft Jar



Use the new semester as an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing with this jumbo craft jar, containing over 560 odds and ends to bring out the artist within. Use the handy kit to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, make handmade cards, personalize your exercise books and more.


By Andrew Patricio

July 24, 2013