6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day More Profitable

By Stefanie Neyland, Small Business Content Developer at BizLaunch.com

In case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes frantic panic buying for last minute gifts from the hordes of people who left their shopping to the very last minute. But did you know that with a few simple steps, you can increase sales and make Mother’s Day a profitable event for your business?

With the average spend for Mother’s Day gifts hovering around the $73 mark, there’s plenty of money to be made. Mother’s Day is the second biggest shopping holiday (second only to Christmas), so if you haven’t made plans yet to get your business ready for this enormous retail holiday, then why not start now? Here are six creative ways to help you market your business—and increase sales—while showing your appreciation to the mothers of the world.

Create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Everyone wants to spoil their mom on Mother’s Day with thoughtful gifts, but as we all know, sometimes finding the perfect present is easier said than done. Tap into your buyers’ desire to find that ideal something by creating a gift guide that offers suggested selections for mothers based on their likes and interests. Consider promoting the Mother’s Day gift guide with an email newsletter—it could attract a considerable number of customers to your online or retail store.

That’s a Wrap
It’s hard to believe that anyone actually enjoys gift-wrapping, and if you’re anything like me, you’re no good at it either. For customers who don’t want to spoil that perfect gift with wrapping that looks like a four-year-old has done it, gift-wrapping services are a lifesaver. Consider offering a wrapping service in the run-up to Mother’s Day to take some of the stress out of the big day for your customers.

Run a Mother’s Day Contest
Why not run a Mother’s Day contest to generate some excitement and buzz before the big day? Invite people to nominate their mothers for a ‘Mom of the Year’ contest and feature the entries on your blog or website. In doing so, moms and their kids will share their entries with their friends and family on social media, thus driving people to your website and increasing your online visibility.

Offer a Selection of Mother’s Day Themed Products or Services
Whether your business is retail or service-based, offer a range of products or services especially for moms. By creating one-off Mother’s Day promotions, you’ll be building a sense of urgency for customers to buy from you before the deal is over. If you’re service-based, it’s also worth offering a tangible gift of some sort. For example, if you’re a masseuse, perhaps you can provide customers with a free gift basket with the purchase of a gift certificate—your customers will appreciate you going that extra mile.

Create Mother’s Day Content
If your business is based online and you aren’t able to hang eye-catching Mother’s Day signs and banners, there are other options. Consider creating content geared around mothers, specifically for mothers, in the lead up to Mother’s Day. Even if they aren’t your products, compile a list of gift ideas, places to go, things to do and special recipes for the big day. Your readers will appreciate the value you’re offering them with no hidden agenda.

Host a Mother’s Day Event
Create a special Mother’s Day shopping event for those looking for that special something for mom. Make sure it’s child-friendly and ensure sales assistants are on hand to help both kids and parents make their selection. Equip staff with a range of go-to suggestions for every mom to better serve your customers and make Mother’s Day shopping as quick and easy as possible. Also consider offering discounts, affordable selections for smaller budgets, and coupons.

Don’t miss a chance to make Mother’s Day one of your most successful retail holidays of the year and don’t be afraid to think outside the box—customers love ingenuity!

By Adam

May 08, 2013