What Business Owners Can Do For Earth Day

By Stefanie Neyland, Bizlaunch.com

April 22nd marks the 43rd annual Earth Day, and with that comes a renewed global focus on the environment, recycling and energy conservation practices. While large companies are already busy planning initiatives, small businesses may be struggling to come up with ideas on how they can join the cause.

The good news is that there are more ways than ever for small businesses to join the legions of people around the world in making a positive impact on the environment. From recycling to carpooling, there are plenty of ways for businesses to get in on the action – whether they’re big or small.

Small steps, big results
Eco-friendly actions don’t have to be grand to make an impact. Simple things such as reducing the amount of energy, water and paper your business uses can make a worthwhile difference, both to the environment and your wallet. Do your bit for the planet by simply recycling office waste, buying environmentally friendly products, using recycled paper and switching off a light or two. It may not seem like much, but if every business were to take these simple measures the decrease in energy consumption would be substantial.

Put the brakes on office transportation
We all know how much of a footprint vehicles leave on the environment, so why not encourage employees to use eco-friendly methods of transportation, such as cycling, carpooling or public transport? Cutting back on business trips and opting to use video calling technology instead is another viable (and effective) option. Take a moment to reconsider that international business meeting you have planned next month: by video calling, you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds worth of carbon dioxide in jet fuel and significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Celebrate Earth Day
If your business hasn’t celebrated Earth Day before, there’s no time like the present. Use next Monday as an opportunity to kickstart the rest of the year as you mean to go on – green!

By putting all of these ideas into practice you’ll be well on your way to helping the environment, but the best news is that implementing these initiatives may give your business a boost, too. The general public is becoming more and more well-informed on environmental issues and will often go out of their way to buy products and services from companies who pledge eco-friendly practices. So why pass up on an opportunity to broaden your customer base while saving the planet?

By Adam

April 24, 2013