Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Make More Profit

By Stefanie Neyland,

Every day we throw things away; newspapers, documents, opened envelopes, coffee cups, flyers, brochures, magazines, phone books – the list goes on. Imagine all of that paper waste in a pile on your office floor at the end of the day – it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Now, visualize 365 days worth of that garbage piled up in a towering mountain of discarded matter. Overwhelming, right? It should be, because every day we’re adding to that pile, and year on year it’s growing and growing.

The good news is that you can reverse this accumulation by introducing some simple measures and good recycling practices to your business, where this heap is collected and made into new things for others to use. And what’s more is that in doing this, you could also be increasing your company’s profit. If you want to experience business growth and save money, going green offers many benefits. By reducing, recycling and reusing, you’ll be saving cash and promoting growth – and here’s how.

Reducing your paper usage by encouraging email communications between clients, customers and colleagues is a great way to start your company’s eco push. For those occasions when a hard copy is necessary, print on both sides to instantly reduce your paper usage by half. Cutting back on your energy consumption is another no-fuss way to do your bit for the environment. By switching off that light when you leave the room, turning off the printer and setting your computer to sleep mode when you leave the office, you’ll be making a considerable dent in your business’ energy usage – and expenditure.

Recycling your old office equipment is another easy and effective way to go green. Bring outdated printers and computers to your local Staples store and they’ll securely and responsibly recycle them for free, meaning they don’t end up crammed in landfill sites. You can also take your empty ink and toner cartridges along with you. Who knew that doing your bit to help save the planet was so easy?

Before heading to the store to buy all new office equipment for your space, consider the benefits of having your current furniture refurbished; it can be a cost-effective solution to update your décor while sticking to a reasonable budget. You can also buy gently used and refurbished office furniture online or at free exchange events. But that isn’t the only thing that can be reused in your business - technology can be refurbished, too. Do your research on the merits of computer refurbishment and judge whether yours is ready to give up the ghost or if a simple recondition will suffice.

By putting all of these ideas into practice you’ll be substantially cutting down on your business expenditure, and in turn, saving money. This extra cash means more capital to invest back into your business, helping it flourish and grow. So why not join the legions of eco-warriors this Earth Day and reap the benefits that going green could bring your business?

By Adam

April 19, 2013