Who needs a scanner anyway?

Have you ever come across a desktop scanner in your local Staples store and wondered “Why on earth would I need one of those?” This may come as a surprise to you, but standalone scanners are increasingly in demand. Industry reports project continued growth in this market, particularly in the sheetfeed scanner segment.

Scanners have become an important piece of equipment in the office, routinely helping busy professionals in running their small business. Only recently are SMBs becoming aware of the effect of document management on the overall efficiency of their organization and are looking for solutions. Scanners take up very little room on your desk (key if you already own a printer), and help maximize efficiencies within your business, affordably.

If you’re looking to put some order in your office, consider taking all of those dusty hard-copy documents of yours and converting them to electronic files for easy storage and organization. Scanned documents can be saved as an image file (jpg, giff etc.), a document (PDF) or an OCR (optical character recognition). No more retyping long documents! Just scan them in and you can start working on them right away. You can even search for key words in any OCR or searchable PDF document.

Not only do you reduce physical storage space, it makes your sensitive business documents more secure. Files can be accessed right from your desk without having to search around, and multiple users can have access to the information at the same time. Scanning is also a great way to preserve fragile documents which continue to deteriorate over time.

Beyond the actual hardware, the majority of scanners come with great software packages. Commonly included are document management packages, PDF and business card software. PDF software allows the editing and creation of PDF files, and in the case of the ADS-2000, even converting files from PDF format in to Word, Excel or even PowerPoint. Business card software reads the information from a scanned business card and automatically inputs the data into in a database in the correct field! You can manage your contacts from this software or import it into Outlook or similar applications.

By Adam

March 25, 2013