3 Monitors to Enhance your Productivity

Whether you work at home or at the office, the right equipment can have a dramatic effect on your personal productivity. If you’re a professional with a computer-intensive career, the following three monitors may be able to lend a new degree of functionality to your everyday tasks.





Acer T232HL Multi-Touch Monitor with LED

Delivering a staggering Dynamic Contrast Ratio of one hundred million to one, Acer’s LED-backlit Multi-Touch Monitor is the very first device of its kind to be certified for use with the Windows 8 operating system. Touchscreen navigation presents a fascinating new way to operate your computer which may prove useful to several illustration-based fields – including architecture and graphic design. Users can look forward to a beautifully responsive, ultra-wide 23” screen which boasts an outstanding 5 millisecond response time. Simple to integrate, Acer's Multi-Touch Monitor offers a variety of easy-to-access inputs for all of your favourite HDMI, VGA, USB, and DVI-compatible components.




ASUS 27” LCD Monitor with LED

HDMI and DisplayPort ready, ASUS’ LCD powerhouse comes equipped with an ultra-bright LED-backlit panel – ensuring crisp and clear performance, with strong on-screen blacks and an impressive Dynamic Contrast Ratio of ten million to one. An outstanding resolution of 1920 X 1080 means you’ll enjoy lossless HDTV playback, while a 2 millisecond response time ensures maximum clarity for all of your favourite media. Equipped with ASUS’ Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, this 27” monitor automatically calibrates its own settings based on whatever media you're viewing – a great feature for web professionals who need to edit video and graphics on the same computer.



AOC Razor 32” 3D Monitor with LED

Individuals working in new media and gaming will love this AOC Razor’s stellar Passive 3D mode and impressive 5 millisecond response time. Boasting a bright and bold dynamic contrast ratio of twenty million to one, the AOC Razor is also able to convert 2D media to 3D media in real time – a very cool effect, and a great reason to revisit some of your favourite movies and TV shows. Offering ample connectivity options for your favourite HDMI, VGA, and DVI-compatible devices, the 32” AOC Razor is a breeze to hook up and a ton of fun to use.






By Staples

January 21, 2013