2013: Year of the Speakerphone

Ideal for commuters, Sunday drivers, and anyone else needing to chat on the go, a hands-free speakerphone can completely transform the way you look at your daily drive. Today’s roundup of devices offer exciting new functionality, improved styling, and a much longer battery life than their predecessors – making 2013 the perfect time to upgrade your existing equipment.




IOGEAR Solar Bluetooth Car Kit

With echo cancellation and impressive noise reduction, this IOGEAR proves itself to be an amply equipped speakerphone... but it’s the photovoltaic panel which makes this device truly unique. Able to continuously recharge its own Lithium Ion battery, this Bluetooth-based speakerphone can offer over a dozen hours of talk time when fully charged. Offering an impressive range of up to thirty feet,  IOGEAR ‘s speakerphone also includes its own easy-to-install mounting brackets.



Motorola TZ710 Roadster 2 Bluetooth Speakerphone

The Motorola Roadster 2 features a very capable two watt speaker – which can be bypassed altogether, if you’d prefer to use the speakerphone’s built-in FM transmitter. Delivering up to twenty hours of talk time on a single charge, the Roadster 2 delivers impressive audio performance thanks to Motorola’s smartly integrated noise cancellation technology. Vocal recognition lets the Roadster transcribe your text messages while you speak them aloud, and can even read your incoming texts back to you  – as well as providing audio updates of your battery level, Caller ID, and call status.



Jawbone JAMBOX Diamond Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

A fully functional speakerphone, the Jawbone JAMBOX also doubles as a very capable stereo system. Control is provided via a series of oversized buttons, mounted atop the JAMBOX’s attractive black shell. Boasting an operational range of 33 feet, the JAMBOX cranks out some substantial performance via dual 1.25” acoustic drivers.  Infinitely portable, the Jawbone JAMBOX Diamond is a convenient and effective way to easily enhance the audio capabilities of your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, MP3 player, tablet, or laptop.




By Staples

January 18, 2013