2013 CES: tech toys you have got to see

Here’s a look at some kid-friendly tech that’s on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Electric Skateboard at 2013 CES

Although you won’t be doing any fakie bigspin heelflips with this skateboard, the ZBoard is still pretty sweet – it’s electric and is equipped with weight sensors. To ride the ZBoard, you simply lean forward to accelerate and lean back to stop; the more weight you put into it, the faster you go or stop. There are two models of ZBoards available: the ZBoard Classic and the ZBoard Pro. The Classic has a top speed of about 15 mph (just over 24 kmph), can go about 5 miles (about 8 km) before needing its battery charged, weighs 37 pounds, and costs $649. The Pro, on the other hand, has a top speed of about 17 mph (27 kmph), will go 10 miles (16 km) between charges, weighs 30 pounds, and costs $949. You can check them out for yourself from the ZBoard website.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

Lego Mindstorms EV3 at 2013 CES

Can you believe Lego Mindstorms was first launched 15 years ago? At this year’s CES, The Lego Group announced its newest programmable robotics platform, Lego Mindstorms EV3:
At launch, LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 will include building instructions for 17 different robots  such as “Everstorm” a Mohawk-sporting humanoid that shoots mini-spheres as it walks, “Spiker” a scorpion-like robot that searches for an IR beacon “bug” or “Reptar”, a robotic snake that slithers, shakes and strikes, all designed to excite and inspire children with the endless possibilities of consumer robotics. To jump-start the fun, The LEGO Group has created a series of “modular builds” designed to help children begin programming and playing within minutes. Builders can then add LEGO Technic pieces, additional motors or sensors to change the functionality of the robot.

A “mission pad” included with the box adds a new element of game play and encourages children to compete against themselves in a series of obstacle courses for the robots they build and program. Marking another first in the company’s history, MINDSTORMS EV3 is the first LEGO playset to incorporate 3D building instructions, made possible through collaboration with Autodesk.  An innovative spin on The LEGO Group’s hallmark nonverbal, step-by-step building instructions, the new 3D instructions app, powered by Autodesk Inventor Publisher, allows builders to zoom in and rotate each step in the building process, making it easier than ever to assemble even the most sophisticated robot.


iPad Potty at 2013 CES

Seriously. It’s a little toilet with a built-in holder for an iPad. Gone are the days of sitting down to read a good picture book or Froot Loops in the toilet bowl for target practise! The iPotty is getting a lot of attention at CES – some think it’s a brilliant potty-training device while others think the iPotty, well, stinks. Parents can install potty-training apps or simply play their child’s favourite video on their iPad, in an attempt to distract or entertain the child long enough to get them to go potty. The iPotty comes with a protective plastic cover to go over the iPad and a removable splash guard for boys. It will be available March of this year, with a price tag of $39.99. Watch for it at the CTA Digital website.

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By Rhonda

January 11, 2013