2013 CES: what it is and why it’s awesome!

What is CES, you ask? The Consumer Electronics Show is only one of the largest, most coolest technology trade shows in the world! Held in Las Vegas and not open to the public, CES is a four-day show where thousands of companies show off their latest and greatest products to press-only attendees. In fact, according to the CEA website (the Consumer Electronics Association owns and produces CES), in 2012, “More than 3,100 exhibitors showcased their latest products on more than 1.85 million net square feet of exhibit space, with a total of more than 153,000 (unaudited) in attendance.”

Fun! There are a lot of incredibly awesome products on display this year. Here is but a tiny taste of what we’ve seen so far:


From new BRAVIA TVs to Wi-Fi projector camcorders, Sony has announced several new products at CES this year. Check out the video below, where Brent de Waal from Sony Canada shows Staples TechTV host Adam Rodricks the very sweet NFC wireless headphones. If you want a set of cans that offer comfort, convenience, and superb sound quality, these are for you.


There are so many new digital cameras on display at CES! One that jumps out is the Nikon 1 S1. This camera has been designed for users that want the best of both worlds: the simplicity and portability of a compact point-and-shoot, and the advanced features and interchangeable lenses that a DSLR camera offers.

Hey easyBlog readers, have you been following what’s been going on at CES this year? What tech and gadgets are you most excited about? Leave a comment to let us know! Also, be sure to follow Staples TechTV for more CES coverage!

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By Rhonda

January 09, 2013