Problem Solved: Great Deals on Calculators

Reliable and compact, calculators continue to remain relevant in both the home and workplace. Famous for their low power consumption and self-explanatory interface, many prefer a dedicated calculator to a smartphone-based calculator app. Pick up one of the following four calculators before January 15th, and you’ll score some seriously discounted prices.



Canon MP-49D Printing Calculator

Boasting a generously sized 14-digit fluorescent display, the MP-49D proves itself to be a simple-to-operate, solidly constructed printing calculator. It would be very well suited for a home office – making it a good choice for contractors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals. With two color printing and a built-in clock & calendar, the MP-49D makes it easy to catalogue your accounting all year round.


Staples 8-Digit Metallic Desktop Calculator

Ideal for high school courses, light bookkeeping tasks, and all-around functionality, Staples 8-digit calculator sports a sturdy metallic face that’s both practical and stylish. Lightweight and durable, this device offers users battery and solar modes – allowing virtually unlimited use in any well-lit area. Constructed from over 85% recycled material, this desktop calculator proves itself to be an economical, environmentally-conscious addition to any backpack or desk drawer.


Sharp Scientific Calculator

Affordable and efficient, Sharp’s scientific calculator comes equipped with Direct Algebraic Logic, on-board metric conversion and even multiline playback – offering 419 specialized calculations to meet all of your mathematical needs. Powered by solar and battery power, Sharp’s scientific calculator delivers instant and accurate performance in the lab, office, or university lecture.


Staples 12-Digit Desktop Printing Calculator

AC-ready and boasting an ultra-fast print speed, Staples' calculator can colorize every entry you input – positive values appear in green, while negative values appear in red. Capable of cost-sell-margin calculations, this 12-digit calculator features an easy-to-read screen with large digits. It’s a smart choice for seniors seeking the familiarity of a traditional printing calculator, combined with the reliability provided by today’s technology.



By Staples

January 04, 2013