Santa's list: great stocking stuffers for Mom

So, now that we have stocking stuffers for Dad sorted out, let’s take a look at some great ideas for Mom. Best of all, everything listed here is under $10.

Let’s start with the treats. If Mom is watching her calorie intake she will definitely appreciate Kerr's Light Candies Fruit Mix ($2.49). These sweets have no sugar added (they’re sweetened with Splenda), are fat-free, and contain 60% fewer calories than the regular Kerr’s candies. They’re individually wrapped too, so Mom can easily throw some in her handbag. Chewing gum makes a great stocking stuffer and Staples offers several types, like Trident Layers (3-pack, $3.91), Dentyne Sugar-Free Gum (4-pack, $4.33), and Stride Spark (3-pack, $3.91). And, of course, there’s chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. A couple of my favourites include Nestle Aero Milk Bubbles ($5.19) and Riesen Chocolate-Covered Caramels ($3.49). Mmmm.

Mom will need something to wash all those goodies down with, so a Brita Water Bottle ($8.99) would go great in her stocking. Thanks to the included Brita filter, the 500mL reusable bottle filters tap water while you drink, saving both the environment and Mom’s cash flow, as each Brita filter will replace the equivalent of 150 water bottles. The Brita Water Bottle is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and recyclable.

For the tech-savvy mom, there are several great stocking stuffers you can get her. One idea worth considering is a Lexar JumpDrive S50 USB Flash Drive ($8.96). This 4 GB flash drive has a protective sliding cover and is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

To help keep her tech clean, Mom could use the Staples Cleaning Pad for Tablets ($9.99). The reusable cleaning pad will safely and effectively remove dirt and fingerprints from Mom’s tablet, smartphone, or laptop, and it will easily fit into her handbag. Another product that will assist Mom in removing all those sticky little fingerprints from her device is Optico iCloth Wipes (40-pack, $8.99). These disposable wipes provide a streak-free clean and, once used, will help to repel oils and grease so gadgets stay cleaner for longer.

For the busy, on-the-go mom who always finds herself multitasking, consider putting a 3M Mobile Privacy Filter ($9.99) in her stocking. The privacy filter will enable Mom to read emails, view online banking details, and perform other personal tasks from her mobile device without the worry of looky-loos peering over her shoulder and seeing her private information. The privacy filter is perfect for the mom who likes to get work done from the sideline of her kids’ soccer game, while waiting in a doctor’s office, etc. The filter is easy to apply and remove and won’t leave any residue on the device, and it also acts as a screen protector.

It seems like every time a mom turns around, she needs to wash her hands. Unfortunately, all that washing can really dry out the skin. Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream ($8.92) is made with natural colloidal oatmeal, is non-greasy, will protect and moisturize Mom’s hands for 24 hours, and will last through all that hand washing. A great addition to her Christmas stocking.

Speaking of hand washing, moms aren’t always near a sink to wash up. The One Step Travel-Size Hand Sanitizer (6-pack, $3.00) is perfect for those times when soap and water are not available. I got this pack in my stocking last year; I keep them in my handbag and in my vehicle, and use it all the time when I’m grocery shopping, after using an ATM, at hockey games, and so on. The 6-pack includes two of each three scents: Juniper Breeze, Berry Blend and Cucumber Melon.

Another great stocking stuffer and something that’s small enough for Mom to carry in her handbag is the 3M Mini Lint Roller ($1.00). The lint roller won’t dry out and includes 30 sheets per roll.

easyBlog readers, what are you hoping Santa will bring you this year? Leave a comment to let us know!

Rhonda Callow is an award-winning freelance blogger and editor who has worked with numerous leading high-tech companies. She also helps companies with their public relations and social media management. Rhonda is a photography enthusiast and enjoys camping and hiking with her family during her free time. You can follow Rhonda on Twitter (@rhondacallow) or contact her at [email protected]

By Rhonda

November 26, 2012