Optimizing your Presentation

When planning a presentation, there are two primary factors you should consider: the size of your audience, and the area where the presentation will be taking place. Different locations carry different constraints. Let’s examine a variety of different solutions, and try to identify the one which could best serve your next lecture, meeting, or seminar.


ASUS VS248H-P 24” LCD Monitor with LED backlight

Most workplace meetings never make it to the boardroom. Instead, they’re held as impromptu gatherings in an office or cubicle, and rely heavily on the assistance of a desktop monitor. With an unbelievably high resolution of 1920 X 1080 HD, this 24” ASUS monitor is an ideal choice for a desk-side presentation – especially if you work in a field like architecture or engineering, which requires constant access to a precise level of visual detail. Color reproduction and depth of clarity are top-notch, with this LED-backlit ASUS delivering an absolutely jaw-dropping Smart Contrast ratio of fifty-million-to-one.


BenQ Joybee Mini Projector GP2

If travel is an essential component of your job, then you’d likely benefit from a rugged, space-efficient device that can be easily carried. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, BenQ’s Joybee GP2 can project a bright and crisp image without needing much space at all. Boasting a short-throw ratio of 1.13, this 200 ANSI lumen projector offers up to thirty thousand hours of lamp life – all thanks to BenQ’s 3LED technology. Backed by a one-year limited warranty, this 720p mini projector delivers reliability and performance at a very economical price.


BenQ MX613ST Multimedia Projector

Some presentations require a large enough image to satisfy a packed board room or auditorium. A 2800 lumen workhouse, BenQ’s multimedia projector offers an incredibly short throw – it only requires a single meter to project an image up to 55”. Offering an impressive contrast ratio of 5000:1, this XGA compatible device offers consumers a big-screen solution for all their presentation needs.


By Staples

November 01, 2012