Clare Kumar: October is Healthy Workplace Month

Did you know October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month (CHWM)?  Since 2001, the goal of CHWM has been to encourage companies to focus on wellness at work through three areas:

  1. Health and lifestyle practices

  2. Culture and a supportive environment

  3. Physical environment, health and safety

To inspire action, they offer up relevant tips and activities each week of the month. Whether you are part of a team, or work on your own, there are excellent ideas for everyone.

Here’s a few of the hundred or so ideas on offer:

  • Focusing on Mental Health

    • Pay a compliment to a colleague

    • Take a proper lunch break

    • Have a “no screen” night

    • Figure out how to change your approach to an activity you don’t enjoy

  • Improving Workplace Culture

    • Five minute desk clean up (I love that one!)

    • Celebrate workers who give back

    • Encourage workplace walks

    • Schedule massage days

  • Resiliency in the Workplace

    • Improve sleeping habits

    • Try flex hours

    • Create a checklist of good work habits

  • Maintaining a Safe Workplace

    • Workstation stretching

    • Adjust workstation ergonomics

    • Brush up on CPR or First Aid training

You have the option of registering, developing SMART goals, networking with others and even showcasing your results.  This four week focus on workplace health may pay off in a more productive and satisfying year.  What are you going to do to make yours a healthy workplace?


Clare Kumar is the founder and Chief Organizer at Streamlife, an organizing company. Clare works with business owners and employees to drive greater productivity and peace of mind through better organization at work and at home. An industry expert, Clare also creates new products to help people remove the ‘bumps’ from their day. If there’s something you do every day that’s slowing you down, she wants to hear from you.

By Adam

October 29, 2012