AMD-powered ultrathin laptops are a great choice for small businesses

[caption id="attachment_6280" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Ultrathin laptops, like this HP ENVY Sleekbook, are a great choice for mobile professionals.[/caption]

Ultraslim laptops such as the MacBook Air or ASUS ZENBOOK are a great choice for mobile professionals. Their small form factor means that these laptops are highly portable and, because they pack more computing power than a netbook, they enable you to multitask while on the go. Untraslims are, however, more expensive than standard full-sized laptops and  typically cost between $800 and $1,500. But what if your small business’s budget doesn’t quite stretch to that?

If that’s the case, a new range of AMD-powered laptops is well worth checking out. The new laptops are referred to as “ultrathin” and offer excellent performance in an extremely small form factor, while costing less than other ultraslim laptops.

Ultraslim vs.  ultrabook vs. ultrathin

Before going any further, let me take a moment to explain the nomenclature. “Ultraslim” is a generic term that can be applied to any small form factor computer, be it a MacBook Pro with Retina display or a Samsung Series 9. The term “ultrabook,” on the other hand, is trademarked by Intel and can only be used to describe laptops built to Intel’s specification that include an Intel processor - the HP 13.3" Ultrabook or the Toshiba 14.0" Ultrabook, for example. “Ultrathin” is term adopted by AMD to describe ultraslim laptops based on AMD’s own chips.

It’s not a netbook

Now, you may be thinking that ultrathin is simply another name for a netbook. That’s not the case. It’s the size that’s reduced, not the performance. Where a netbook may struggle with resource-intensive applications or multitasking, an ultrathin will not. In fact, an ultrathin will deliver similar performance to an ultrabook or to a standard full-sized laptop.

Ultra-fast. Ultra-powerful.

The new ultrathins are powered by AMD’s A-Series APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) which combine a number of technologies to speed-up and improve your computing experience.

  • AMD Start Now - maximizes system responsiveness, enabling ultrathins to wake from sleep in as little as two seconds or boot the desktop in up to ten seconds.

  • AMD AllDay Power – delivers up to 12 hours of battery life.

  • AMD Steady Video – automatically enhances images and video by adjusting color vibrancy and contrast and reducing noise in both home and web video.

  • AMD App Acceleration – boosts video and photo editing performance.

It’s not all about work

While it may not deliver the same level of performance as a purpose-built gaming system, an ultrathin will nonetheless be able to meet your casual gaming needs. And, of course, the video enhancement features and extended battery life will enable you to make the most of your movie collection during your travels.

The bottom line

AMD’s A-Series APUs provide superb performance and exceptional battery life, making ultrathins a great choice for mobile professionals (and home users too!) who need a powerful laptop at a price that won’t break the bank.

Check out the HP ENVY Sleekbook ultrathin laptop at Staples. Featuring a 2.1GHz AMD A6-4455M Accelerated Processing Unit, 8GB DDR3 system memory and AMD Radeon HD 7500G Discrete Graphics, it delivers blisteringly fast performance. And, of course, it’s extremely portable at only 0.78"(H) x 14.72"(W) x 9.95"(D) and 4.53 lbs.

[caption id="attachment_6281" align="aligncenter" width="360"] The HP ENVY Sleekbook ultrathin laptop.[/caption]

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By Rhonda

October 18, 2012