The Green Revolution Takes a Huge Step Forward

In the ever-shifting landscape of modern business, newly emerging technologies are one of the most exciting and promising elements in which future fortunes will be built. We here at Staples follow these amazing leaps forward with great enthusiasm and interest, but still keep one key factor in mind when evaluating these technological innovations. Sustainability is priority number one, which is why we’ve formed a strategic partnership with the Step Forward Paper brand. This Alberta-based company had a revelation that deeply impressed us – that wood is no longer required to create high quality copy paper.

We’re all familiar with wheat grain. Found on breakfast tables and in countless varieties of bread, it’s the cornerstone of both the flour and cereals industry. As the food production process converts raw, freshly-grown materials into the refined products that eventually make their way into our kitchens, a leftover by-product remains: wheat straw. Using this material as a base, the good people at Step Forward have found a way to transform wheat straw into a gorgeous, perfectly uniform sheet of white copy paper. Best of all, their production process manages to minimize water consumption, and doesn’t require the usage of any chlorine whatsoever.

A 5000 sheet case of this 21lb paper is currently available for the very reasonable price of $59.99. With a brightness rating of 92, this acid-free, jam-free paper is ideal for all your printing and copying needs. Best of all, it’s been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council – an outstanding environmental organization that has been officially recognized by both the World Wildlife Fund and the Rainforest Alliance. That means you can meet all your ethical and office needs with a single product, while supporting a Canadian-owned company and assisting with the development of a sustainable industry. Now that, my friends, is a great deal.

By Adam

September 19, 2012