Top 5 reasons you need some Presto Banker's Boxes

There's never been a better time to get a top-of-the-line Presto Bankers Box – the Rolls Royce of personal storage devices. Here are five excellent reasons why you absolutely need them.

Enjoy the list, but act fast – this promotion gets boxed up on July 17th.

5. They’re stronger than you

Next time you need to change the tires on your 1989 Tercel, don’t put it up on concrete blocks. Grab yourself a 4-pack of Presto Banker’s Boxes. With over 850lbs of stacking strength, these are truly the Hulk Hogan of the Banking Box world.

4. Do not actually place your 1989 Tercel atop Presto Bankers Boxes

It was a joke. They are incredibly strong, though.

3. For a mere $23.34, you’ll get four amazing boxes

Four boxes offer you a ton of storing potential. Use one for VHS tapes, another for cassettes, and yet another for CDs. That’ll leave you with one empty box, where you can store the signs for your next garage sale. I mean, seriously – cassettes? VHS tapes? Sell those antiquated things already and get yourself a brand new MP3/video player. We've currently got the Hipstreet 2GB Player for under 22 bucks. That’s less than the price of a 4-pack of Presto Bankers Boxes. Just sayin'.

2. Perfect for storing legal-sized documents, the Presto Bankers Box is also perfect for letters

Finding a place to put one’s letters was once a daunting, near-impossible task. Drawers seemed to be a hopelessly inadequate method for storing paper correspondence. For one thing, there was usually stuff already in them... so your letters would get all mixed up with the stuff, and then you’d have a real mess on your hands. Flash forward to the future – a future of Presto Bankers Boxes. Problem solved.

1.  They feature double-sided construction and are tear-proof

Few things in life are as durable as the Presto Bankers Box. Sure, the sun is pretty tough – it’s managed to last four-and-a-half billion years... but its surface is about 5500 Celsius, making it a terrible storage device. All those cassettes and VHS tapes we were talking about before? They’d just burn up. Better get yourself some Presto Bankers Boxes.

So that's one reason to step into the ring with Presto Bankers Boxes. Can you think of others? Hit us up in the comments below!

By Adam

July 06, 2012