6 choices to keep your laptop safer on the go.

Your laptop isn’t the only thing to go with you when you’re on-the-go, which is why it’s a good time to think about how it gets around. Whether you’re carrying an ultralight Ultrabook or hefting some serious power with a desktop replacement, you need to give some thought to treating your portable to the protection it deserves.

There are a few different kinds of case you can turn to, some more appropriate for different situations than others. Let’s take a look at the different types that are available.


The Trad

A Traditional laptop case is a classic for a reason: it gets the job done. If you’re carrying your laptop, the power brick, pens, pencils, a calculator, documents and other important (and flat) things, a traditional case might be a good choice for you. They’re usually seen in nylon, leather, or a combination of the two, but you can find them in speciality fibers as well.


The Backpack

A backpack is a little less formal, but it offers more flexibility. You’ll usually find a slim, laptop-shaped padded cavity at the back of most backpacks, putting your portable flush with your own back. The rest of the backpack gives you plenty of space to store those other items like power adapters, as well as space for bigger, more irregularly shaped carry-on items.


The Briefcase

Must like The Trad, a briefcase is all about business, packing your laptop into a slimmer profile. These cases are generally very restrictive on space, but offer the most professional appearance, letting you pull off a slick look while you’re on the go–and keeping prying eyes and hands off your laptop by disguising it as humble business papers.


The Carry-On

With a large extendable handle and wheels, a Carry-On style laptop case is the perfect choice for a commuter, whether they’re staying local or headed across the country or to another continent. If you’ve got a lot to carry, these are your go-to cases, giving you the space you need to pack everything in one spot, meaning there’s less for you to worry about remembering on the go!


The Sleeve

Offering minimal protection but maximum style, sleeves are still a good way to protect your laptop if you’re not going far. They’re great for trips between meeting rooms, between the car and the office, and out to the coffee shop. The lack of handles means they’re not meant for marathons, but they’ll generally have space for a slim power cord option, assuming your device supports one.


The Tote

Only the stylish need apply with The Tote. It takes some swag to pull one of these off, but if you can do it you’ll draw eyes wherever you go. They’re not just good looking, they’re efficient too, with plenty of space for power adapters USB drives, and other sundries.

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By Adam

April 16, 2012