Your small business needs to shed light on energy savings.

Across Ontario, businesses continue to seek ways to save costs and be more energy-efficient. Enersource is once again working with Nedco, our program service provider, to help small businesses in Mississauga become more energy-efficient through the Small Business Lighting Program.

Among the various incentives under this program, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is offering qualifying small businesses up to $1,000 worth in energy-efficient lighting and equipment upgrades at no cost to them.   Qualifying businesses also get access to other standard incentives for retrofits above the $1,000 limit, allowing them to save even more energy.

A wide variety of businesses with an electricity demand of less than 50 kW can participate in the program, such as clothing stores, independent restaurants, dry cleaners, medical offices, beauty salons, convenience stores, garages and other small retailers.  For some examples of businesses that have already participated in the program, you can find them here and here.

Enersource business customers have already achieved significant savings through various conservation and energy savings initiatives.  In the last 2 years, more than 7,000 small business customers in Mississauga have achieved a combined estimated demand reduction of 7,500 kW and energy savings of 29,400 MWh.  That is the equivalent of taking approximately 2,500 homes off the grid in a year.

In the coming months, Nedco, acting on behalf of Enersource and the OPA will contact small businesses across Mississauga to discuss participation in the Small Business Lighting program.  The process is easy for small businesses to participate.  Nedco will supply and install new equipment, while ensuring that all unnecessary materials are recycled.

The Nedco representative will offer qualifying businesses a variety of retrofit options and then arrange for an approved, licensed and experienced electrical contractor to complete the retrofit installations.  Click this here to get started.

Nedco is a leader in utility, industrial, commercial and electrical contractor markets with products and services concentrated on energy conservation, and electrical safety and efficiency.
Enersource is one of Ontario's most reliable energy providers, serving approximately 200,000 residential and commercial customers across Mississauga.  It is a diversified energy and technologies company that serves customers through the distribution of electricity and the delivery of services related to the design, operation and maintenance of electrical systems.
For more information about the various conservation programs available for your business, please visit:

 Today's guest blog was written by Karen from Enersource. 


By Adam

April 13, 2012