Taking business on the go

By Kathleen Ohlson

With the way business is going, people are likely spending more time on the road, taking in client meetings, attending trade shows or checking out new products.

Now that many of us are spending a lot of time out of the office, it’s extremely important to find ways to stay in touch. And there are a lot of apps out there that can help you do just that. From organizing files to taking purchases to posting special deals, you’ll have everything you need wherever you are.

Here are a few business apps that will help you stay connected.

Evernote: Did you just figure out that challenge at work, but you’re stuck in traffic? Or do you keep track of your ideas on lots of post-its? You can capture your ideas and thoughts on Evernote, an app with voice recognition that allows you to create text, images and audio on your smartphone or tablet. Then it automatically syncs up with your desktop.

Tripit: Traveling for business is filled with all kinds of stresses, like finding out about last-minute flight changes or stumbling through the airport looking for your departure gate. The Tripit app will keep all of your travel plans in one place. After you set up an account on the Tripit Web site, you just forward your plans to the service’s email, [email protected]. You’ll be able to find out all the details of a flight, from departure to arrival times, as well as the gates and terminals for each side of the trip and the flight’s length. As an added bonus, if you trying to fit in some fun with friends or family when you’re in town, you can share your travel information with them.

Dropbox: You have documents on your laptop, photos on your smartphone and videos on your tablet. How do you get all of this in one place? Dropbox will help you organize all of your documents, photos and videos. Once you install it on your computer, any file you save to Dropbox will sync up with your computer, smartphone or tablet. Now you’ll be able to prep for that presentation or check out your latest family photos before your next meeting whenever you want to.

Expensify: Tracking expenses on the road may consist of a crumpled wad of receipts in a laptop bag. The Expensify app helps you get organized by capturing your receipts digitally. Expensify will let you take a picture of the receipt, create an expense report and automatically sync it up with your account.

HootSuite: You may be on a business trip, but you still can be plugged into all of your social media connections through HootSuite. This app will allow you to update Facebook, check into Foursquare, send out Tweets and more. You can also send out business reminders and track info on who’s clicking into your business.

So what apps are you using? And why?

Kathleen Ohlson is an editor and contributing writer based in Staples U.S. headquarters in Framingham, Mass. She has a background in journalism, blogging and editing.

By Adam

December 16, 2011