Can the subconscious drive business strategy? Part I of II

By Neville Pokroy

Given the competitive environment today, organizations need to find ways of developing unique ways to compete. So, can strategizing at the subconscious level enable organizations to reach deep within in order to truly differentiate themselves in a compelling, relevant and authentic manner?

According to Margaret Reynolds, owner of Reynolds Consulting, LLC, in Kansas City, Missouri: “What people might forget is that strategy is ALWAYS influenced by our subconscious. Strategy is future-forward thinking. None of us have a crystal ball, so our assumptions that go into modeling or even qualitative decision-making are based on our experiences, our biases, our preferences, etc. Jim Collins had it right in Good to Great when he said, ‘pick the strategy that fulfills your passion. That is what you will work hardest to attain.’”

Our new realities demand far-reaching changes to the way we do planning. Wherever we find new ways to do things, we should be looking at them very seriously. Are the tried and tested methodologies still relevant, given some of the new techniques now available? Probably not, if the organization wants to dominate their chosen market.

One new initiative worth looking at is Big Bang for Business. The Big Bang was an event that led to the formation of the universe, according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe's early development (ref: Wikipedia). In business, developing strategy with the same dramatic impact on business growth and sustainability has, until now, been an unattainable dream.

In a complex, fast-changing world, leaders are required to quickly identify opportunities and cope with change by having in-depth knowledge and understanding of circumstances surrounding them.

Big Bang for Business enables that to happen.

How Big Bang for Business works

Big Bang for Business is a proprietary, unique and safe process because it creates a burst of creativity and energy that results in breakthrough strategies for mid-sized businesses. It is fast and efficient and creates a tailored and customized strategic direction that fits the organization and the “permission space” in which it operates. It will allow the business owner of mid-size businesses to lead their organizations with certainty and enable them to dominate their market.

Big Bang for Business takes two distinct processes (one operates in the conscious business reality, while the other operates in the subconscious business reality) and collides them against each other. Each process is relevant in its own right; however, the burst of creativity and energy that results from the collision will provide insight into your business that has never before been possible. This will ultimately result in Breakthrough strategic thinking.

With so many different people involved in critical business decisions, it is sometimes very challenging to create strategic consensus. The Big Bang process will not only highlight the differences but will then move the management team onto the same consensus platform while building a map that lays the groundwork for strategic decision-making. At the end of the day, not only will there be total consensus, but there will be a roadmap for the organization to follow in addressing their specific business issues.

Stay tuned for Part II of Can the subconscious drive business strategy? on Wednesday.

Neville Pokroy is a principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc. He runs the Marketing practice, which includes strategic marketing planning and execution, and now also includes the Digital Umbrella. Neville has over 25 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting in entrepreneurial businesses across an extensive range of industries. Neville's special skills include the ability to translate his corporate marketing expertise into a disciplined set of marketing skills ideal for entrepreneurial businesses. If you have any questions feel free to contact [email protected] or 905-886-2235

By Adam

August 29, 2011