The Benefits of Hiring a Co-op Student

By Mara Cappelli

A large number of universities and colleges worldwide offer co-op studies in a variety of fields—and employers will find many advantages in hiring co-op students to help with the business. As a co-op student, I can illustrate, firsthand, the benefits you can expect us to bring to the table.

Right from the get-go, competition is fierce. Ambitious students recognize how valuable work experience is, so many will apply. Accepted students are extremely bright and hard working, and can usually offer a balanced resume of academics and extracurricular activities. We are eager to work, pre-screened and well prepared, and we bring a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective into your workplace.   

We are highly motivated and thrive on challenges that offer us the ability to expand our skill set and make significant contributions. Our desire to learn means we may ask many questions in the beginning, but it won’t be long before we are able to provide you with intelligent contributions. We will eagerly embrace any complex projects you assign, but we are also at your disposal to help with the more time-consuming tasks, as well. I cannot emphasize enough our determination to succeed and add value, wherever possible, within a short period of time.

Finally, from an economic and logistical standpoint—we are inexpensive hires, available year-round for short-term contracts. While it is true that you must invest resources in training, the results usually justify time spent. If you hire us to return after graduation, we integrate easily, as we are already familiar with your organization’s practices and culture.

Businesses that hire co-op students enjoy a competitive advantage by retaining top talent early in their career, while making a socially responsible statement.

MARA CAPPELLI is currently a co-op student in the Operations Department at  Staples Canada’s head office. She is studying Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, and is a member of the School of Business & Economics Students’ Society. 

By Adam

June 17, 2011