Five conditions for cultivating a successful Facebook strategy: PART TWO

By Darrell Cook

4. The best brand-building vehicle

Rather than looking to sell products through your Facebook page, recognize that most Fans are seeking an educational experience. The more value-added information you can provide, the more your brand will become a trusted resource. As you begin your Facebook strategy, think about how you can help your Fan base. Provide good advice by educating them about topics based on your area of expertise. A good example is to feature a post about “the top ten things to look for when buying a (your company’s offering). Fans love to be informed. Taking a leadership position on specific topics can secure trust and brand loyalty. A good way to learn more is to follow Facebook marketing to discover how Facebook drives results with other organizations.

5. The use of promotional coupons

I am often asked about the use of coupons with Facebook. Used wisely, coupons on Facebook can become a leading sales channel. However, this tool is frequently misused; for example, the company that offers coupons on Facebook just to sell items so they can clear inventory, or using coupons to drive sales that coerce consumers into purchasing additional items. These tactics rarely get results and will turn off Fans. The best use of promotional coupons is when Fans select the “deal.” Try posting three different coupons and ask your Fans to participate by selecting which they feel would be the best offer. The most Fan votes to a particular coupon will be the one you should move forward with. By doing this, your Fans enjoy the gamesmanship of voting. Moreover, Fans appreciate the fun, and by posting voting results throughout the contest, you can even get Fans to solicit other non-Fans to become members so they can boost the voting for the non-leading coupon.


Every small business can increase their brand strength through a Facebook presence. By using the tips in this article, you can quickly get started promoting your company and building a Fan base. Use your website to post a Facebook invite, along with including your Facebook page URL on signatures, letterhead, labels, etc. Learning how to advertise on Facebook is a great way to promote your business. Facebook even offers a number of guidelines and recommendations to get you started. The main thing is to get started right away and enjoy all the valuable relationships you can create.

Darrell is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Conversys. His focus is to steward the North American growth for Digital Promotions Marketing. His career spans a wide range of technology and Internet companies throughout North America and the UK. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, Darrell excels at bridging offline business processes with effective online channels. He is currently a Board of Director of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Club of Canada (RAC), and former Board of Director of the Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada.

By Adam

March 18, 2011