Tips on Tactfully Collecting Receivables

By Evolve Business Group

First off, stop being so apologetic. It is your money. It is owed to you. You and your team have worked hard for it, so make sure you remember that you are in the right and not the wrong. Often people dealing with receivable calls will try to put you in the wrong, will be vague or occasionally, even aggressive. When you call about a receivable owing be prepared, have the reference number, invoice number, date sent, all ready to go for quick reference. The best way to dodge calls and commitments is to say "its in process" or "we have it in for payment". Most people then are satisfied and hang up. Wrong!! Its in process?! How long is that? It's in for payment? This year?

The objective is to get specific commitments. When someone says it will be ready next week, you have to ask, Is that Monday or Friday? (because next week is a period not a time) What day will it be ready? Will that be morning or afternoon? Ask people to hold the cheque for pickup. Then it never gets lost in the mail (It's in the mail; a classic!). I often send a courier because $8 on a courier is always cheaper than not having control of money owed to me.

Be as friendly as you can be. Try to kill the person with kindness but be firm and persistent. The person who is pleasant but calls consistently get the early payments.

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By Adam

December 29, 2010