Five little tools for small business success

By News Canada

Profitability relies on keeping overhead costs in line while striking just the right balance with business performance. Start-up costs, especially, require careful planning to ensure every bit of equipment paves the way to revenues.

The bare necessities for your day-to-day administration usually include a desk, telephone, computer, printer, fax machine, and general desk supplies. Each business has its own unique essentials for making sales, but owners often ask: Of all the equipment available, what is wisest investment? Or put another way: What products do the most successful businesses not do without?

“These questions are the right ones for a start up, and should be asked again as the business grows,” says Steve Matyas, president of Staples Canada. “It’s always valuable for business people to learn from each other through industry associations, or with general networking in person and online. Business blogs serve this purpose for time-strapped entrepreneurs.

And when it comes to the wisest investments, here is this retailer’s Top 5 Tools list for leading you directly to the money:

1. Own the best notebook: Efficient time-management is maximized if records and files are kept up-to-date everywhere you go. Equip yourself with the very latest laptop technology, like the HP Probook line. The features of the 4320 model includes: built-in wireless; DVD and Bluetooth capability; 2.26 GHz Intel Core i3-350 M processor with 4 GB memory; 320 GB hard drive; 13.3” LED-backlit HD display; and the latest Windows operating system with a spill resistant keyboard and top energy efficiency.

2. Carry data on your key chain: USB drives today are lighter and more durable than ever. Take a look at the Verbatim Tuff-N-Tiny line. It’s penny-thin, travel-tough, resists dust and water, and fits into all standard USB ports. With a choice of 8 or 16 GB data storage potential, you can share files with customers and co-workers easily – and take it with you on your key chain.

3. Buy a mobile mouse: Business activity is often on the road, so the latest tool is a wireless mouse with built-in receiver to let you operate up to six devices. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX allows better precision on a wider range of surfaces, including clear glass and lacquered desks. This mouse conforms to your business needs, including hyperfast scrolling from zero to 10,000 lines in 7 seconds. With its tiny wireless receiver, there’s no need to plug it in or deal with the hassle of multiple receivers.

4. Be wireless instantly: The Valet line is a breakthrough product to quickly and simply make your home or business wireless. The Easy Setup USB Key gets you connected to the Internet in 3 simple steps. And, Cisco Connect software lets you quickly link and manage your other wireless devices. With Valet, the set up is a breeze and you can connect additional computers, block unwanted websites, and give temporary passwords to visiting customers.

5. Calculate the profit: Owning at least one HP Calculator is essential for any deal, big or small. Hewlett-Packard has designed many models and very popular for small business is item HP 17-BII with more than 250 built-in functions and date calculations. This calculator has RPN and algebraic entry-system logic; 28 KB user memory, plus the HP Solve functionality which will calculate any variable without re-writing the equation. Guided by the right calculator, you’ll keep overheads low and revenues high.

By Adam

October 18, 2010