STAPLES BizTIPs: Fortune favours the bold

By Small Business Expert Roger Pierce, BizLaunch

Entrepreneurs live by the credo “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.” While there’s plenty of risk involved with starting a small business, more than anything it’s your determination that will make it succeed. Stick to the fight by:

• Ignoring the doubters. Entrepreneurs must endure a certain amount of skepticism about their plans. Understand that some people are simply threatened by change or may resent your ambition. Stick to your goals and keep your self-confidence intact by surrounding yourself with only positive and helpful people.

• Seeking good advice. Entrepreneurs must be careful to whom they listen. The quality of the advice you take to heart will directly impact your small business. While it’s important to learn from the experience of others, make sure you check out a potential adviser first to ensure they know what they’re talking about.

• Making it happen. Growing a small business is tough. Failed entrepreneurs often blame the economy, a business partner or customers who “just didn’t get it.” Accept full responsibility for the success of your business and simply find a way to make it work. Persistence pays.

• Giving it time. Nothing happens as quickly as you want when building a business. It may take some time for your new product or idea to catch on. Buy yourself that time by keeping costs low, setting a realistic schedule and developing patience

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Roger PierceROGER PIERCE is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success. Co-founder of Canada’s largest small business training company,, he’s launched eleven small businesses of his own and personally experienced what he calls “the good, the bad and the ugly” sides of entrepreneurship.

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By Adam

October 15, 2010