3 free ways to boost morale.

Money may make the world go around but in this lingering recession there may not be enough money to go around to keep your employees motivated.

Fortunately, there are a variety of inexpensive or free ways to boost morale and hopefully retain the most prized members of your team:

1. Get their input: “If they feel they legitimately have a say and that their opinion and ideas matter, they’re going to feel better about their job and the company,” says small business advisor Scott R. Gingold, adding that you may be surprised by the ideas you get and who you get them from.

2. Provide cross-training: No, this isn’t about fitness, it’s about versatility in the workplace. Training employees to handle different jobs makes it easier to shift them around when gaps emerge – for example, when one staff member goes on vacation – and they’ll appreciate the chance to expand their résumé.

3. Help with family: Consider freeing up some office space for a makeshift daycare so employees don’t have to worry about taking time off when their children are sick and can’t go to school.


Business Development Canada also offers some useful advice including:

· Avoid micromanaging your top performers and give them room to do their best.

· Get your employees involved in writing their job description so they feel they have genuine input.

· Praise them whenever you get the chance and give them regular feedback on their performance.

· Write them a personal note to thank them for their great work.

· Create an internal newsletter to, in part, recognize high-performing individuals and promotions.

· Consider offering employees flexible hours where possible or allow them to work from home.

· Give them time off in lieu of more money.

· Consider holding an informal gathering or party at your home.

What techniques have you used to motivate your team and boost morale?

By Adam

July 28, 2010