Selecting the perfect chair

By Ian Rant, True Innovations Inc.

In today's world, many of us have fast paced, technology charged lifestyles, spending hours interacting with our computers. Whether its long work hours at the office, home-based office spaces or casual home workstations tucked away in the kitchen/den, a universal question emerges: Where will you sit? Most likely—in what is classified as an "office chair."

The first and most obvious step in selecting the right chair for you is to determine your average maximum time spent seated. This will help you determine the class of chair you require. Each class is equipped with varying ergonomic features to provide unique support levels for specific areas of your body that become fatigued while seated. In some cases, these additional ergonomic features are adjustable to offer a more precise fit for what you may require at that moment.


Classes of chairs can be broken down as follows: Heavy Use/Task Chair – typically used by receptionists, secretaries, computer programmers, etc. It is moderate in overall size, but rich with adjustable features. These features may include an articulating headrest, adjustable lumbar, height/width adjustable arms, synchro-tilt multi-paddle seat plate and pneumatic height adjustments. Moderate Use/Manager's Chair – typically used by the middle manager; a user who is up and down many times during the day, balancing working at their computer and spending time in meetings. These chairs are usually mid-back in height, with minimal ergonomic extras for extended use. The overall design has more style than the Heavy Use/Task Chair, reflecting in the elevated position. Executive Chair – This class is similar in mechanical features as the Manager's Chair, but differs greatly in size and overall style and comfort. This chair is usually high-back, larger and more comfortable than the other two classes, but not suitable for long periods of use. It is designed for the user who sits back, and spends more time on the phone than using the computer on their desk. This chair denotes style and status, but usually comes at a higher price.


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By Adam

May 19, 2010