STAPLES BizTIPs 4business: Need a Fresh Start? Take a vacation from your small biz

By Small Business Expert Roger Pierce, BizLaunch

Hard working entrepreneurs are notorious for skipping vacation time, fearing their small business will fall apart in their absence. Given most self-employed people work longer hours and endure more stress than their employed friends a vacation is very much needed.

Get your break and enjoy it too with these tips to keep your business afloat without you:

  • Hire a virtual assistant. Virtual Assistant services will handle things like incoming phone calls, emails, invoicing or pretty much any other operational chore. They will reasonably charge you for any work performed, allowing you to keep the “open for business” sign glowing. Search online for a VA near you and ask for a quote.

  • Buy a smartphone. If you don’t already have one, a smartphone will allow you to keep on top of your emails, calls and other important items while on vacation. To control communications, buy Caller ID and set emails to be retrieved manually.

  • Post a vacation alert. Ask your webmaster to post a vacation alert on your emails so customers know you’ll be unavailable for a short period of time. You’ll still receive emails to your inbox and be able to deal with them upon your return.

The most important asset to your small business is you. Entrepreneur burnout and stress contribute to the downfall of many start-ups, so be sure to invest in your self with a little well deserved time-off. Believe it or not, your business will survive for a few weeks without you. You will come back relaxed and ready to go.


clip_image002[5] ROGER PIERCE is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success. Co-founder of Canada’s largest small business training company,, he’s launched eleven small businesses of his own and personally experienced what he calls “the good, the bad and the ugly” sides of entrepreneurship.

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By Adam

April 30, 2010