Tech Tuesdays: Spring Cleaning - Electronic Waste

By Rachel Swiednicki

You’ve cleaned out your office and home and you’re not sure what to do with your unwanted electronics. STAPLES Canada is now an official Ontario Electronic Stewardship drop-off depot.

STAPLES Canada recently expanded their requirements for recyclable electronic waste collection at stores, as the retailer enters phase II of their Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES). Effective as of April 1, STAPLES stores in Ontario will enter the second phase of their recycling program by accepting items such as televisions, desktop and laptop computers, telephones and answering machines, projectors, digital cameras and speakers.

[caption id="attachment_1767" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Steve Matyas and Leigh Pearson"]Steve Matyas and Leigh Pearson[/caption]

“We are trying to create the easiest eco-solution for customers. They now have a place where they can drop off even more unwanted electronic items. We want customers to think of us during spring cleaning and know that there’s an easily accessible location available to handle their recycling needs,” says Leigh Pearson, facilities and environmental services manager for STAPLES Canada.

STAPLES Canada has undertaken a number of major sustainable initiatives: reducing energy consumption by reducing light bulb wattage at all locations, expansion of recycling programs, and more. STAPLES Canada continues to seek ways to improve sustainability. “Phase two of our recycling plan includes accepting everything from speakers to desktop printers. We also are a depot for waste recycling in several other provinces, as well,” continued Pearson.

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Rachel Swiednicki is a professional communicator, with ten years of experience in the communications industry. Eight of those years were spent as a journalist before moving into a career in public relations/corporate communications.

By Adam

April 20, 2010