Finding an accountant you can rely on

By Rachel Swiednicki

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I know how time consuming running a small business can be and how hard small business owners work. Every January and February, I work with my father to help sort receipclip_image002ts, fill out T4’s and the like. Hiring an accountant to handle your payroll duties can save you time and give you more time to do more important things, like seeking out new contacts and clients and growing a broader client base while your business continues to run smoothly – just ask Michael Swiednicki, president of Technical Manpower Services, a broadcast installations company. “When I first started out, I tried to do all the number crunching myself. But then I learned that my time can be better spent elsewhere in the business,” Swiednicki says.

While it’s easy to just stash all your receipts in a shoebox with intentions of sorting it all out later, stress levels can skyrocket when that one, elusive receipt is nowhere to be found… Another small business owner once told me that many people in the trades business use Kleenex boxes to hold receipts, since the slit in the top of the box keeps them from slipping out while on the job site. A portable file divider is a much better solution – you can buy one for under $10.00.

If you’re in the market to hire a chartered accountant to take care of payroll, taxes and paperwork for your business, put your questions in writing before you meet. First and foremost, educate yourself before making cold calls to accounting firms; speaking with a knowledgeable friend or a fellow small business owner can help. Always be on top of the exact amount of money you have coming in and going out – you never want to lose control of your finances.

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Rachel Swiednicki is a professional communicator, with ten years of experience in the communications industry. Eight of those years were spent as a journalist before moving into a career in public relations/corporate communications.

By Adam

April 07, 2010