Tech Tuesdays: Who says Canadians are social butterflies?

The cynical among us might be tempted to call the social media craze a fad. But if the results of new studies by Cossette and Coleman Parkes Research are any indication, social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter and blogging are rapidly becoming to email what Blu-Ray or DVD was to VHS (remember that?).

And because Canadians are adopting the new media faster than most, it’s important that you understand what it’s all about and how it can benefit your business.


According to Coleman Parkes, over 68% of Canadian companies see social networking as an important component to helping them collaborate. Canadian business leaders also appear to have a much higher appreciation for the potential of social media than executives in other countries. In fact, 40% fear they’ll fall behind competitors who embrace the new technologies.

Cossette’s study offers five major observations about the social media phenomenon in Canada and around the world, including:
1. Social media is quickly replacing email: Email is still the most ubiquitous way to communicate online but among those aged 18 to 24, social networking beats email 26% to 15%.

2. Facebook could be the next Google: Two-thirds of social media activity takes place on Facebook – in Canada it’s an impressive 80%. And that activity is more than just mindless banter – 6 out of 10 regularly answer simple polling questions, 4 out of 10 follow links posted by others and 3 out of 10 read blogs, offering small businesses huge potential to get their messages out through word of mouth and advertising.

3. Users are paying attention: And speaking of word of mouth, two-thirds of online users consider the opinions of other online consumers, even while they’re not paying attention to companies directly advertising products.

4. Talking about brands: One-third of online users share information about the brands they love or hate with others – a trend that’s highest in the US, Canada and the UK.

If you need more information on the social media tools small businesses should consider right now, Amber MacArthur offers up her top five.

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Let us know about your recent successes – or failures – marketing with social media. We’d love to share your experiences with the community.

By Adam

March 30, 2010