Spring into action - don't leave spring cleaning until April showers

By Rachel Swiednicki


Spring is just around the corner and so is the taxman. The tax season is the perfect time to clean up paperwork and organize your small office. Having a solid plan in place is key. By working in advance to get your tax-time paperwork in order, you’ll save yourself time and stress. The first step in clearing clutter? Go shopping for some serious office organizers.

Labelling and dividing papers into a system of folders will help clear clutter and make it faster to locate documents. A tidy, clutter-free office also makes a good first impression with clients and adds to your professional presentation. It may seem difficult to find time for de-cluttering, but the payoff is well worth it. Once you’ve finished the BIG cleanup, set aside ten minutes every day to file papers, clean out your email box and put binders and folders away.

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Rachel Swiednicki is a professional communicator, with ten years of experience in the communications industry. Eight of those years were spent as a journalist before moving into a career in public relations / corporate communications.

By Adam

March 22, 2010