Working Well at Home

by: Tri Fit Inc.

When working from home, take time to set up your workstation to maximize comfort, enhance posture and minimize strain or injury. There are many things you can do to make your office ergonomically friendly and build wellness activities into your day. Here are

Tri Fit’s top tips for better health, positive energy and improved performance.

1. Invest in ergonomically adjustable office furniture

Invest in ergonomically adjustable office furniture including an adjustable chair with lower back support, a foot rest and an adjustable keyboard.

2. Set up your workstation to suit your activity

Make sure your workstation is properly positioned for the work that you are doing. Do you spend more time on the phone or computer? In either case, ensure that your posture is well supported for that activity.

Keep workstation tools (computer, keyboard, phone, files, papers) within reach without having to lean, bend, or twist at the waist to avoid back problems.

When typing, adjust your keyboard height so that your wrists are straight when typing and keep elbows close to your side at a 90° angle.

Adjust the tilt of the keyboard: Some people find it more comfortable if the keyboard is flat or tilted slightly down at the top.

Learn to use your short cut keys to minimize your mouse work. Maybe you can use your mouse on the opposite side for achange?

3. Adjust your posture regularly and take frequent short breaks to increase blood flow

To prevent eyestrain and neck pain, situate your body about arms length from the computer screen and keep your neck and head in a neutral position.

Use a headset or Bluetooth when talking on the phone to maintain good posture and stay hands free for typing or searching the internet.

Take regular breaks to increase blood flow. Do an errand on foot rather than taking the car. Take a walk or run at lunch. Take a 5 minute stretch break. March on the spot while talking on the phone.

Arrange a walking meeting. Plan a healthy snack mid morning and mid afternoon such as fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit or veggies and hummus dip.

4. Stay focused on your priorities

Set an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to get up and move around. This will help you to stay focused and keep on track. Create a To Do list and work it doing first things first.


Tri Fit Inc.

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By Adam

March 11, 2010