7 Simple steps for rounding up new customers

By Donna Marrinclip_image002

No matter how many tasks there are on your to-do list, if you want to maintain a successful business, you can never be too busy to seek out new customers on a routine basis. It’s like running a ranch—if you want the cattle to come home, you have to get ready to round them up.

Need some tips? Get on your chaps and grab the reins…

1. Offer incentives to your current customers as a reward for word-of-mouth referrals.

For example: a percentage off the next purchase; a complimentary service; one week/month fee-free; a free gadget.

2. Direct marketing—Hit your target market with a ‘time-sensitive, limited offer’ announcement. Distribute eye-catching flyers or postcards that feature an appealing offer: a percentage-off coupon that undercuts your competitor’s price or a complimentary first visit; or partner with another business that complements your own and present a hard-to-refuse combined offer.

3. Offer gift certificates. Did you know that approximately 20% of all gift certificates are never redeemed, 80% are redeemed for more than their value and 40% are redeemed for more than twice their value! You just can’t lose with gift certificates.

4. Throw an Open House event. Come up with a fun theme to celebrate. Advertise your event in the local media. Send out “bring a friend” invitations to all the customers in your database. Set up demos of interest to your visitors and have information ready for them to take away to read later. Set up a ballot box where visitors can drop their business cards to enter a draw to win one of your products, as well as be added to your mailing list. Offer simple refreshments and make sure every person leaves with your brochure/business card.

5. List your business in the Yellow Pages. Even in this electronic age, a lot of people still turn to the Yellow Pages when they’re looking for a particular local business, a phone number, or just more information about what exists in their area. Cover all your bases by listing your business in both the print and electronic versions.

6. Build a website and get the word out about it. Having a website is one of your best advertising tools. Draw attention to it: through the various social media channels discussed in previous posts; by spreading the word at networking events; by linking your site with other sites frequented by your target market; by going viral—telling anyone and everyone about it, and telling them to tell their friends.

7. Arrange to be interviewed by a local newspaper or magazine. Many community papers like to feature people in the community. What better way to advertise your business than to chat it up in a vehicle that circulates throughout all the neighborhoods in your region.

There are tons of new customers are out there. Just grab a lasso and round ‘em up!

Can you add any tips to the list? Let us know.


Donna Marrin is a freelance Senior Writer/Editor specializing in corporate communications and advertising. She also founded and runs the Markham Village Writers. You can visit their website at www.markhamvillagewriters.com

By Adam

February 04, 2010