A business relationship you can bank on.

If you’ve been building your small business for some time, consider this: how much of your time is spent doing the work you love – whether it’s teaching yoga or redesigning home interiors or selling widgets? And how much is taken up by tasks you may not have thought about too much at the outset – planning, calling, scheduling, calculating, hiring, advertising?

The fact is every small businessperson must become a jack (or jill) of all trades to succeed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on help from a handful of experts to lighten the load. Among the most important can be your small business bank manager. In addition to coordinating your banking needs and helping you extend your credit or get a loan when you need it most, bankers offer something no entrepreneur can do without: good advice.


Dale Wilton and Kyle McNamara present the merits of small business bank managers in their book, Get Growing: Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Your Small Business.

“They highlight potential risks in your business plan and encourage you to consider different viewpoints and alternative strategies. They have a good deal of experience working with other small business owners and can help translate successful strategies they have seen before into tangible recommendations for you.”

Banker, Thomas Woolway, agrees. He says it’s paramount to find a banker you feel comfortable working with, who will take the time to understand your needs and industry realities.

“Your banker will be your advocate within the bank… View your banker as you do your attorney, your CPA and your insurance agent. These people are valuable resources to help you run your business more effectively.”

Unlike a lawyer or accountant, however; your bank manager’s services are usually part of your relationship with the bank, so consulting a banker can be a cost-effective way to get the guidance you need.

Do you know your business manager? How has s/he been helpful in building your business?

By Adam

January 25, 2010