STAPLES BizTIPs 4business: Pay attention to Boomers

By: Small Business Expert, Roger Pierce, BizLaunch

Any new entrepreneur should pay close attention to the huge “baby boomer” segment in Canada. A “boomer” is a person born between 1947 and 1966, and we have over 10-million of them in this country – proportionately more than any other nation involved in World War II.
Responsible for pushing sales through the roof for such products as mini-vans and mutual funds, such a large number of people in one age bracket affect almost every industry and business.
Here’s why smart marketers and business owners should pay attention to the boomer generation:

  • Spending power. Most boomer couples are both working and are now entering their peak income years. That means they’ve got little time, but lots of money to spend.

  • Spoiled kids. Known as the “Baby Boomer Echo,” boomers buy name brand clothes, gadgets and expensive vacations for their children.

  • Early retirement. Boomers don’t want to work forever, so they’re plowing money into RRSPs, real estate and other financial options to make money quickly.

  • Credit generation. Unlike their cash-only parents, Boomers aren’t good savers so they’re more likely to take advantage of your pay-later option.

  • Well-educated. Boomers went to college and university, so don’t try to con these savvy consumers with false promises. They’re also using the Internet to check out your business before making contact.

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ROGER PIERCE is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve success. Co-founder of Canada’s largest small business training company,, he’s launched eleven small businesses of his own and personally experienced what he calls “the good, the bad and the ugly” sides of entrepreneurship.

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By Adam

January 22, 2010