Take stock of yesterday and start fresh tomorrow - Part 1

By Donna Marrin

Before you ring in 2010, use the set of questions below as a springboard for assessing your accomplishments and challenges over the past year. The results will help you streamline a solid game plan for the year ahead.

1. What were my greatest accomplishments in 2009? What can I do to expand on them in the year ahead? What specific goals are at the top of my list for 2010?  Create realistic, incremental steps that you will be able to manage on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  

2. Who helped me achieve my successes in 2009? Have I appropriately recognized their contributions? It’s important to acknowledge the people who have supported you throughout the year. 

3. Are there outstanding objectives on my 2009 target list that I was unable to meet? Should I incorporate them into my objectives plan for 2010 or will it be more productive to override them with new objectives? It may be difficult to accept that an idea just isn’t working out, but letting go and moving on will free up the space you need to generate new and better ideas.

4. What were my greatest challenges? Do I have a back-up plan in place to deal with challenges that reoccur? Your best course of action is to prepare in advance for obstacles that may arise again in the future. List them all—large and small—then brainstorm some viable solutions.  

5. What mistakes did I make and what lessons have I learned from them? How will I use what I’ve learned in the year ahead? Some mistakes are costly, but they are also valuable learning tools. Use mistakes as your guide to making better and stronger decisions.  

6. Are there any new skills I need to learn to enhance my knowledge base?  There will always be something new to learn and by regularly supplementing your skill-set, you raise your level of expertise.

 (Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.)


Donna Marrin is a freelance Senior Writer/Editor specializing in corporate communications and advertising. She also founded and runs the Markham Village Writers. You can visit their website at www.markhamvillagewriters.com

By Adam

December 29, 2009