How Blogging Helped Me to Build My Business

By Small Business Owner Jane Clapp, urbanFITT Inc.

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I'm a small business owner and spent several years as a single parent carrying a mortgage and business overhead by myself. I needed to grow my business with no advertising budget but with my fitness knowledge and time investment.

Social networking tools have made reaching a wider audience possible for people like me.

My first blog was Take Two With Jane Clapp. Blogging has been a great way for me to keep in touch with my clients. Sometimes when a client hasn’t been in in a while, they start to feel guilty and maybe a little afraid to come in. But when they read a new post, it’s a great way for me to motivate them to come back to the gym. They remember how much fun it is and what the feeling is like when the endorphins are coursing through their veins.

Blog posts are also a great way for me to support my clients with their long term weight loss and fitness goals, even when we’re apart. I use the blog space to introduce new exercises, new weight loss research and just to keep them focused on the target.

At their best social networking and more specifically blogging gives something back to the audience or reader in return for their time. Each business owner needs to identify what their target market values most from the business and many times that something is intangible and directly tied with the brand.

Since opening urbanfitt in June 2006 I fully appreciate how my community of amazing clientele is what has really been driving my biz. I also realize how my clients greatly value a fitness studio that is more than a space to sweat. It is also a community for them to meet and engage with other like minded individuals.

So I've turned my attention to social networking not for self-promotion, but to unify our community. I just launched where anyone connected to urbanfitt can post fitness related experiences, wisdom, ah ha moments or even spread some first hand inspiration.

Small business is all about serving people in our communities. And the urbanfitt community puts food on my table, pays my mortgage and keeps my life moving forward. I hope I can help this community of amazing people connect more and more and build its synergistic energy for some time to come.

By Adam

November 30, 2009