How to make your home office a space you can actually work in

With nearly 70% of us doing some work these days from where we live, finding a small space where we can be productive is key.


Designer Jodi Vautrin offers up a few practical tips to help you set up a home office you can work in:
1. Create a space where you really want to be. This sounds pretty intuitive, but a lot of people lose sight of it: if you can’t imagine spending an entire workday, say, in your basement, don’t set up your home office there.

2. Be organized. Spend time upfront removing distracting clutter. Then fill up your environment as efficiently as possible. For instance, if your job requires that you handle and collect a lot of documents, invest in folders and a filing cabinet – instead of piling up papers on the floor or all over your desk. You can also save a ton of space by investing in furniture and equipment that serve multiple purposes – for example, an all-in-one, instead of a separate fax, copier, scanner and printer.

3. Put up a pinup board. It’s another simple but smart idea that can help you put aside projects and spur-of-the-moment ideas for later and focus on your more immediate tasks at hand.

 Another useful tip to improve your home office workspace:

4. Surround yourself with good lighting. It can improve your mood and elevate productivity.  Natural light is ideal but, especially if you’re using a closet or basement for your home office, shop around for high-quality energy-efficient task lighting.  

Tell us about the one thing you have in your home work space that shouldn't be there.  Send us your photos and we'll publish them.

By Adam

November 25, 2009