Of horoscopes, weather forecasts… and taco trucks

Let’s face it: if we were better at predicting the future, more of us would be a lot richer. Not wiser, maybe, but definitely richer.

And while I sometimes wonder about the value of forecasting, I still can’t help watching weather reports and checking my horoscope. This week “my daily routine will be injected with a dose of inspiration,” in case you were wondering.)

Which brings me back to how Canadian small business owners and executives say they’re feeling about the future. According to STAPLES Canada’s latest Small Business National Quarterly Index 71% predict their business situation will improve in the next 6 months – up from 58% in March.

So what really is in store for small businesses in the short term? Here's one mind-blowing paradigm-shifting prediction that should give us all pause for thought – or inspiration: 90% of your sales will come from word of mouth or digital promotion by 2011.

Here’s one of my own:

New Picture

Earlier this year, the roving Kogi Korean taco truck made news by broadcasting its whereabouts – and marketing itself to adoring LA foodies – almost entirely on Twitter. I bet some creative Canadian entrepreneur will harness the power of free social media just as effectively – unless of course, one already has...

What are your predictions for 6 months out? Let me know and I’ll post some of your most interesting comments in an upcoming post.

By Adam

November 18, 2009