Let’s celebrate small businesses.

Save on tools, products, and services.

Stock up on the essentials

Keep your business running smoothly by never running out of what you need, including office, food, and cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Supplies

Ensure your office is clean and safe for employees and clients with the right cleaning supplies, including Coastwide cleaning products, chemical cleaners, and more.

Food and Breakroom Supplies

A well-stocked breakroom helps keep your team energized and your space tidy. From snacks and coffee to disposable plates and bowls, your team can snack fast and clean up faster.

Office Supplies

Shop office essentials like writing supplies, binders, and more, so your business and year-end preparations always run smoothly.


Optimal Small Business Operations

For a smooth year ahead, upgrade your retail supplies. Invest in the right tools today for a successful tomorrow. 

Packing and Shipping Supplies

Get everything you need to shiporders out to customers seamlessly. No matter the job, find boxes of all sizes, packing peanuts, moving tape, and other mailing essentials.

Retail Supplies

Upgrade to the latest equipment for maximum efficiency. Invest in the right POS systems, store displays, and more for your business.

Shipping Services

Whether it’s small or large, near or far, feel confident when you ship with us. We’ll help you ship within Canada, the U.S., and internationally, safely and securely.


Your business is our business

From setting up your business to helping it grow, we offer a range of services to support small businesses like yours.

Get Started

With Staples, get your business up and running in no time. We’ll help with business registration and incorporation, Tech Support and Protection Plans. Tech Support + Warranty Services Wireless

Marketing Services

Subheader: Meet your very own marketing team. From custom designs to print and promo solutions, we’ll help you with all your marketing needs. Print + Marketing Custom Print + Promo Solutions

Business Management and Operations

At Staples, we provide services that support small businesses so you can focus on what’s important. Explore our shipping, shredding, and telecommunication services that make your job easier. Shipping Services Shredding Services Telecommunications Services

Growth Services

We’re committed to helping you grow your business. Sign up to be a Business Member and enjoy a ton of free perks and benefits. If you need more space, you can also access Staples Studio or take part in our Staples Studio programming. Preferred Studio Spotlight


Office Furniture & Technology

Empower your teams with a workspace that they’ll want to work in.
Boost productivity and focus with the latest office furniture and tech. 

Office furniture

Staples has the widest selection of chairs, desks and office furniture across Canada. From ergonomic to brand name furniture, we have solutions for all your home office and commercial needs.

Office Technology

Give your office an upgrade with all the latest and greatest tech to increase productivity. Shop laptops, desktops, monitors, and more.

Gry Mattr ergoCentric®

Adjustable. Intuitive. Stylish. The airCentric 3 chair from Gry Mattr + ergoCentric® puts you in control of your comfort. Shop Canada’s best ergonomic chair.


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