Staples School Tools

A Perfect Solution for Schools, Teachers & Parents - Prepackaged School Supplies by the teacher, for the parent, based on the robust Staples product assortment.

What is Staples School Tools?

Staples School Tools provides parents with direct access to the school supplies their child needs – as identified by their actual teachers – and an easy way to order and receive them without ever leaving home. It’s the most efficient way to ensure that children have the supplies they need and for teachers to prepare students for the challenges ahead.


Find your class, choose the supplies you need, get it delivered for free. Save time & money, you’ll have exactly what you need to give your child the best start possible.


Sign In, create your class, choose your supplies. Ensure your students are equipped with the best high-quality supplies you recommend.


More support for your school. 3% of every School Tools order goes directly back to schools. Enable parents to supplement their purchase with school donations.

How Do Parents Start?

  1. Click Here for Staples School Tools.
  2. Find your child’s school and teacher.
  3. Select and order from your child’s supply list.
  4. Select the delivery option that suits your needs; direct to your home or local store within 2-3 days, or direct to your school, if available.

How Do Teachers Start?

  1. Click Here for Staples School Tools.
  2. Navigate to the For Teachers page and log in to
  3. Create your class.
  4. Select from recommended items, or search for any item in the Staples catalogue.
  5. Tell parents to find your class on Staples School Tools.

Want Some Staples Recommendations?

We have curated lists of supplies for every grade from K - 12, featuring the products that are best suited for the typical challenges your child might face in each grade.

Choose your grade-specific supplies list below:

When Class Is In Session, Think Staples First

The Largest Selection On The Market

Staples has the widest selection of school supplies in stock year-round, at the most affordable prices available including many School Tools exclusive items.

Teacher Selected, PAC Approved

We’ve worked closely with teachers and Parent Advisory Council representatives to help ensure that the right supplies are recommended to teachers.

We Care About Community

Through our donation program and with help from parents, we will fund the future of education across Canada.