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Top 5 Hybrid Work Trends for 2023

Wondering how today’s work landscape is evolving? Read on for 5 work trends that will shape the Canadian workplace and how you work in it, in 2023 and beyond.

10 Hybrid-Certified Products To Help You Work From Anywhere

Get more done with comfort-, creativity- and productivity-boosting products designed to manage the flow of hybrid work life...

Morning Routine Ideas: How Happiness Researcher Dr. Gillian Mandich Kicks Off Her Day

A morning routine is more than just a TikTok trend; it’s how successful people choose to set the tone for the rest of their day. This is true for happiness researcher Dr. Gillian...

Out of Office Ergonomics: How to Optimize 3 Popular Summer Work Spots

If you can’t go all-out on summer vacation, the next best thing is a cottage staycation or afternoon work session on the porch...

Teachers & Education

3 Fun and Easy Nature Crafts for Kids

Keeping kids busy is no easy task, but when you’re armed with fun and inventive craft ideas, you can have them tapping into their creativity in no time. With warm weather here...

6 Tips for An Incredible Classroom Makeover

Another school year is upon us and educators everywhere are working hard to prepare lessons, get organized and create a welcoming space for students. If you’re looking for some ideas...

The Ultimate Back to School Checklist for Teachers

Summer always comes and goes in a flash, and suddenly, it’s time for educators to say goodbye to the break and get ready for another school year. Here’s a helpful checklist to help teachers get back into classroom-mode and prepare for the school year ahead...

7 awesome ways for teachers to spend summer break

Being an educator means throwing yourself into your work mentally, physically and emotionally every single day. After all, teaching isn’t just a job—it’s a vocation. After another busy school year, it’s time to take a well-deserved break and enjoy summer. Here are seven things every teacher should put on their to-do list for summer break.


4 Ways to Incorporate Wellness on the Job

Now more than ever, businesses are recognizing the importance of mental health in the workplace. And making space and time to recharge, not just after hours or on vacation, but every day and at work...

How Practicing Gratitude Can Benefit Your Business

A lot of us have seen the impact that practicing gratitude can have on our personal lives, but it turns out that expressing thankfulness can pay big dividends in business, too.

Bad Habits Getting in the Way of Your Focus and Productivity

While many businesses have been operating remotely for over a year now, doing so still comes with plenty of challenges. One in particular is keeping employees motivated and productive in their work-from-home (or “work from anywhere”) environments.

6 Tips for Better Time Management

Life is a lot easier when time is on your side, and no matter where you work from, effective time management can help decrease stress and increase productivity. Here are six simple strategies from industry experts that can help you be your best.

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