A chair is more than a piece of furniture. The right chair can add warmth and style to a room, and provide the optimum in support and comfort, whether you’re working, relaxing, or accomplishing a task.

Imagine a chair that, when you sit down, you feel the world hug you. Imagine a chair that helps you be the best version of yourself. Whenever you sit down, you feel a sense of serenity and deep focus.

It’s the chair that will get you through your toughest moments—giving you a comfortable place to plop after a long day at work or supporting you while composing a report or term paper. It’s also the chair that will help you enjoy brighter days; leaning back and admiring a finished presentation or reading a story with your child nestled on your lap, snuggled together in a cozy seat.

From ergonomics to decorating tips, Staples invites you to come take a walk with us and let us help you find the chair that is right for you. Welcome to the Chair Buying Guide. We’ll share advice from a number of experts so you can choose a chair that best fits your needs. Simply select one of the pages below.

Office Chairs by Type

From executive chairs to drafting chairs, we offer tips for choosing the office chair that’s right for you.

Chairs by

From the dining room to the dorm room, check out tips for selecting a chair that works for your space.

Chairs by

Whether you’re a bookworm or love to play video games, enjoy your favourite activity in a comfy chair.

Chairs and Your Health

Learn about the science of ergonomics and how it impacts the importance of selecting a chair that supports your body type.