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The 411 to decorate and educate.

Create the ultimate learning space with classroom decorations—ready-to-use or DIY—that’ll inspire your students.

Classroom decor that soars.

Have fun with fundamentals and expand imaginations with a range of can’t miss creations.

Brilliant banners & posters.

Inspire your students with walls filled with your teaching wisdom—we’re here to show you how.

Cricut brings creativity to life.

This DIY wonder will be your new teacher’s pet, making everything from teaching aids to individual labels.


Make space for creativity.

Expand their imaginations through art projects, custom assignments, fun rewards, and so much more.

Crafty classrooms.

Encourage young artists to explore and experiment using a range of art supplies.

Oliver's Labels.

Oliver’s Labels’ colourful custom projects help you celebrate students and add your personal touch to planning.

Extra credit awards.

Incentivize students to be their best with stickers and other small rewards for every day.


Prioritize how you organize.

Set up a system now using planners, storage and more, so you’re fully supported when the semester is moving at top speed.

Planners for success.

Planners are classroom essentials, perfect for keeping your lessons and notes all in one place.

Organization, aced.

Keep assignments and teaching tools orderly with boxes, baskets, rolling carts and more classroom storage.

As teachers prepare for the back-to-school season, it's crucial to have the right resources to foster an inspiring and engaging learning environment. Discover a wide range of back-to-school essentials designed specifically for teachers. From vibrant classroom decor that sparks creativity to circuit machines for crafts and STEM learning, you'll find everything you need to create dynamic lessons. Enhance your teaching with cutting-edge technology, including laptops, projectors, and screens that bring educational content to life. Explore new possibilities and empower your students with interactive and immersive experiences. With these essential tools at your disposal, you can create a classroom that ignites curiosity and promotes active learning. In addition to these offerings, teachers can create a back-to-school supplies registry allowing them to share their specific needs with students, parents, and the community. With the ability to personalize their registry, teachers can ensure they receive the necessary supplies to enhance their classrooms and support student success. Get ready for an exciting school year with the tools and support you need as an educator.