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Tiertime 3D Printers

Create your own toys, mechanical components and models with Tiertime 3-D printers. Each printer uses a finely tuned print head and your computer-generated 3-D models to transform raw plastic into a custom three-dimensional object. Most models are compact and easy to install, so you can use them in small offices or workshops with limited space.

Easy Operation

Tiertime 3-D printers are easy to operate, whether you're a professional 3-D printer or a complete novice. Many models come with software for easy calibration, ensuring that each item you print is accurate and perfectly proportioned. Use these printers safely in an office or work room — each printer features a fully enclosed design that reduces motor noise, ensures a consistent temperature and contains odors.

Flexible Design Options

Tiertime 3-D printers feature spacious build capacities, so you can print items ranging from delicate jewelry to solid models. For complex print jobs, choose a model with a heated build platform, which keeps the object warm during printing to prevent warping and uneven cooling.

Automatic Structural Support

Don't worry about integrating support structures into your complicated 3-D models — Tiertime 3-D printers use Smart Support Technology to print automatic supports that prevent the item from sagging. After the print is complete and the item cools, simply break off the structures to reveal your final object.

Convenient Accessories

Keep your Tiertime 3-D printers running smoothly with a variety of convenient accessories. Use plastic spools to supply the printer with raw material; spools come in a range of colors, so you can customize your printed items. Each accessory is engineered specifically for Tiertime printers to ensure efficiency and easy loading.

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Tiertime C-01 ABS 0.7Kg Plastic Spools
Item : SS4397264
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  • 1.85" x 7.87" x 7.87"
  • 2.2 lbs
  • Engineered for UP printers
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