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Pressure Instrumentation

Get an exact reading on the pressure in a surrounding area with pressure instrumentation built to work in a variety of settings. Adjustable readings make it possible to compensate for environmental factors that distort pressure measurement. Pressure instrumentation assesses the safety and suitability of an area for a variety of purposes, from construction to emergency testing.

Clear Display
See all the relevant data at a glance using pressure instrumentation options a high-quality LCD display. Backlighting provides improved visibility even in low-light work environments, such as tunnels, crawlspaces and sewers.

Precise Measurement
Customize your reading to get the exact information you need with 11 selectable measurement units. Use a pressure instrumentation device with a time stamp feature that makes it possible to determine the exact time parameters of a given reading, including the minimum, maximum and average pressure record. The push-button design on some models provide easy offset.

Portable Size
Keep pressure instrumentation with you at all times using highly portable designs and a cordless battery power supply. Choose an compact and easy-to-store USB output to take and send readings for greater mobility. Portable pressure instrumentation devices offers simple storage, whether you use it at your workplace or as part of a field kit.

Wide Pressure Range
Select a pressure instrumentation unit with an extensive pressure range of 5.000 to 0.344 bar for greater functionality. The ability to measure different types of pressures is essential when it comes to working in diverse environments and making accurate reports. Consolidate your tool kit by using pressure instrumentation that gives specific pressure measurements for each type of situation.
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Reed R3002 Digital Manometer
Item : 992002 / Model : R3002
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  • 11 selectable units of measure
  • Dual LCDs with backlighting
  • Max/Min/Avg record with time stamp
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